The Horse - Compatible Star / Birth Signs

The Horse (MA)
Ruler of the hours 11am to 1pm
Direction - South
Season - Summer/June
Fixed element - Fire positive
Yin/Yang - Yang

The Horse is highly compatible with:




The Horse has a harmonious relationship with:


The Horse has no conflict but needs to make an effort with:




The Horse has a difficult relationship with:



The Horse has a turbulent relationship with:




Personality Traits:
People born under the year of the Horse tend to fall very easily in and out of love, as well as being both cheery and very well-liked they are willful and irritable but often very nice-looking. Some of their other personality traits include: a love of exercise, a tendency to make rash choices and they have a unpredictable character.  They are somewhat lively, impulsive and independent, unbiased, adaptable and proficient and think nothing of making a snap decision.  They possess the ability to "manipulate" people and events. Often they rush those that are not as quick as themselves.  They have a love of independence and free-will and give preferentiality to things done their way, although they do tend to be forgetful and "jump to conclusions".  Their powers of persuasion are extraordinary and they are neither envious or mistrustful by nature; instead they loathe wasting time, can be variable, cannot stick to agendas and have great difficulty in unwinding.  Although having many friends, they like better, to rely on themselves and prefer their way of achieving their aims.

The year of the Horse: is a time for progress, it is a very happy-go-lucky, frantic and wild year that is both adventurous and satisfying.  There will be an upward turn to the year with a deal of good humour.  It is a year for going it alone, perhaps with some shocks in store but on the whole a courageous and daring year.


The Fire Horse - highly strung, powerful, inconsistent, alluring and motivated by strength of will.

The Fire Horse Years
25 Jan 1906 to 12 Feb 1907
21 Jan 1966 to 8 Feb 1967

The Wood Horse - helpful, motivated by advancement, dependable, methodical and quirky. 

The Wood Horse Years
3 Feb 1954 to 23 Jan 1955

The Earth Horse -  reliable, rational, motivated by prudence, accurate and slow.

The Earth Horse Years
11 Feb 1918 to 31 Jan 1919
7 Feb 1978 to 27 Jan 1979

The Metal Horse - affectionate, egotistical, motivated by "challenge", fruitful and obstinate.

The Metal Horse Years
30 Jan 1930 to 16 Feb 1931
27 Jan 1990 to 14 Feb 1991

The Water Horse - flexible, amusing, lacking consistency, motivated by "action" and self-absorbed.

The Water Horse Years
15 Feb 1942 to 4 Feb 1943
12 Feb 2002 to 31 Jan 2003

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