Ghosts : are believed to be the spirits of dead people.  When they appear, they are said to appear in bodily likeness to living persons and often haunt their former habitats.  Some believe that ghosts are the souls of the deceased, demons or spirits.  

In a television program televised in the U.K. the Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe (paranormal researcher), said that in his view there were four possible solutions, as to what constitutes a ghost:

1).  A spirit departed
2).  The replay of something that had happened in the past
3).  A malfunction of the mind or an hallucination 
4).  Elementals, divas or gins

There are literally thousands, if not more, ghost stories that have been told over the years.  Practically everybody knows somebody who has either heard of a ghost or even seen one. The list below (which will continue to expand), contains some of the different types of ghosts that have been documented over the years.

Biker Ghosts
Crisis Apparition
Deathbed Visions
False Arrival Apparition 
Ghostly Transport
Haunting Ghosts
Spectral Battles
Whistling Ghosts
Other Ghost related topics:
Ghost Busting 
Ghost Hunting
Ghost Hunting Equipment 

NB: This topic is a work in progress and will continue to expand. There is a range of related subjects planned for the coming months.  These include: ghost hunting tips, ghost stories, ghost related links to the best sites and much more - please come back and visit!  Even better why not contribute!

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