Atland n : details of Atland or The "Other Atlantis" as it is sometimes called can be found in the mysterious Oera Linda Book.  This book contains details which almost attempt to re-write history.  It speaks of a northern continent called Atland which although totally lost like Atlantis still differs considerably.  Atland was supposedly a semi-circular mass situated off the Netherlands' Frisian coast.  the climate was allegedly subtropical and its inhabitants highly contented up until 2193 BC when a great catastrophe destroyed the area, but not all of the inhabitants.  The people who survived supposedly went on to found some of the world's most significant civilisations including the Egyptians, Greeks and Indians.  There is even suggestion that Britain was once used by the Atlanders as a penal colony.  Attention was first drawn to Atland when a Frisian antiquarian called Cornelius Over de Linden (i.e. Oera Linda) took a manuscript to the Provincial Library of Leeuwarden in Friesland.  Here it was examined by a Dr. E. Verwijs who was a librarian there.  Although Dr. Verwijs was keen to publish the1256 manuscript which was written on cotton paper using iron-free black ink and copied from a previous version; the Frisian society dismissed the whole thing as a hoax.  Eventually it was published with the original script, alongside an English version by William R. Sandbach which was in turn derived from a Dutch translation, by J.O. Ottema of the Frisian.  The publisher was Trubner & Co based in London.  Historians were highly sceptical and merely pondered about who had produced the hoax, Cornelius Oera Linda, Verwijs or both.

Later attention was briefly drawn to the manuscript again via two books by Robert J. Scrutton, namely, The other Atlantis and The secrets of Atland.  Generally the Atland version of history being so radically different to that of orthodox history, failed even to impress the adherents of Immanuel Velikovsky's individual but well researched views of human history as seen in the work Worlds in Collision. It is still generally accepted as a hoax, but who knows.

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