Atland Reader Coments by Pamila Emmerich

Atland comments : There are numerous reasons that I do not think that the Oera Linda Book is a hoax.  Certain things could not have been known by the Oera Linda family at the time of writing, e.g. the houses on piles around the Swiss lakes.

Most interesting to me was the tale of the founding of Tyre.  Let us consider: Tyre was known to us only from Biblical writings.  At least a dozen places in the Bible, Tyre is described as being in "the midst of the seas."  The 'namesake' on the coast of Palestine is NOT in the midst of the seas; not even in the midst of A sea.

All reasonable men know that in order for a city to be a "Mart of Nations" (Biblical description), and host hundreds of ships, there must be a large port of some kind, such as a bay or a river port.  The ramshackle town in Palestine called Tyre has nothing of the kind, nor has it ever had.  This is more theological "claptrap".

Theological map makers took a vacant map and taking names out of the Bible, filled that map with unknown places to suit their orthodoxy and we have been "horn-swaggled" ever since. Had the Palestinian Tyre been for real, Herodotus would have gone there and wrote about it.  As would have others.

It surely makes sense that the real Tyre was composed of two large bays, or inlets?  Only by this means could a city be a Mart of Nations.

Nor do I have any doubt about the sea king INKA, who sailed off into the Atlantic, being the founder of the INCA nation.  Author Harold Wilkins tells of white tribes in the mountains of S. America who speak pure Gaelic to this day.  There are many photos of so-called "white Indians" in the southern hemisphere.

The Oera Linda chronicles deserve a closer look as does some of our "orthodox history" which is pure bunk.       Pamila Emmerich

Source: Comments courtesy of Pamila Emmerich


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