The Pig/Boar - Compatible Star / Birth Signs

Ruler of the hours 9pm to 11pm
Direction - North/Northwest
Season - Autumn/November
Fixed element - Water negative
Yin/Yang - Yin

The Pig/Boar is highly compatible with:




The Pig/Boar has a harmonious relationship with:






The Pig/Boar has no conflict but needs to make an effort with:



The Pig/Boar has a difficult relationship with:


The Pig/Boar has a turbulent relationship with:


Personality Traits:
People born under the year of the Boar tend to be: brave, giving, like commitment, unpretentious, incredibly enduring, reliant, strong and trusty.  They are very patient, loyal and do not hold grudges; they also make very good tutors.  As a result of their loyal and thoughtful natures Boars make very many permanent companions, although they do expect others to put up with their shortcomings.  They detest quarrels, but they can be somewhat patronizing and "naive"; this leads to a certain amount of gullibility.  Boars are selfless, hot tempered, quick surmount their problems and always enjoy good fortune.  Even though others may be entirely wrong, Boars will still listen to them.  On the whole Boars are quite happy, they tend to remain in the background of any situations and are very loyal and considerate.  Sometimes they are taken very much for granted.

The year of the Boar: is one of benevolence, one with a lot of 'feel good factor', one of "abundance" and a good year for business.  Life in this year will be lived to the full and although there will be uncertainty it will be minimal.  It is a rich year with impetuous acts, but care is recommended with any matters concerning money.  The Boar is the symbol for great courage and integrity.


The Fire Pig/Boar - deep, motivated by affection, stubborn, sensual and irresponsible.

The Fire Pig/Boar Years
22 Jan 1947 to 9 Feb 1948
18 Feb 2007 to 6 Feb 2008

The Wood Pig/ Boar - deceitful, kind-hearted, scheming, motivated by ambition and shrewd.

The Wood Pig/ Boar Years
4 Feb 1935 to 23 Jan 1936
31 Jan 1995 to 18 Feb 1996

The Earth Pig/ Boar -  welcoming, motivated by common-sense, calm, industrious and level-headed.

The Earth Pig/ Boar Years
8 Feb 1959 to 27 Jan 1960

The Metal Pig/ Boar - bossy, lively, extroverted, motivated by fortitude and patience and is full of pride.

The Metal Pig/ Boar Years
30 Jan 1911 to 17 Feb 1912
27 Jan 1971 to 14 Feb 1972

The Water Pig/ Boar - motivated by belief, insightful, unrelenting and influential.

The Water Pig/ Boar Years
16 Feb 1923 to 4 Feb 1924
13 Feb 1983 to 1 Feb 1984

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