Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost hunting equipment : below is a list of the most commonly recommended items for use in ghost hunting. See also: ghosts and ghost hunting.

Air Ion Counter

This device measures positive and negative ions in the air. Ghosts can cause a lot of positive ions because they give off high amounts of electromagnetic discharges. However the price can be high, around $400 - $600.


These should preferably be special plastic ones with zips, used to contain any material evidence that is found.


Some ghost hunters believe that paranormal activity can affect barometric pressure so it may be useful to take one.

Candles and Matches

These are essential items especially if your flashlight and equipment stop working.  Some ghost hunters believer that ghost energy can drain equipment energy and candles should be taken as a back up.

Ghost Stop cameraCameras

A 35mm camera with black and white film and/or infrared film is very useful for capturing any pictures.  Ensure that you have plenty of film. For best results use a film speed of no less than 200.  A speed of 800 may produce better results although it will be very grainy.  It is also important that your camera has flash either its own or slave flash. Have all the film developed by experts and don't forget a tri-pod to avoid camera shake. Buy from Ghost Stop.


A compass is not only very useful for navigation it is also great for picking up electromagnetic forces. A compass will react to any magnetic or electrical stimulus that may be out of the ordinary.  For this reason it is probably better to avoid an electronic compass instead use the needle points north kind. 

Control Object

This is a small object such as a coin that is placed on a piece of white paper, which in turn is placed on a table or where it will not be disturbed.  A pencil circle is drawn around the coin so that it's exact location is recorded.  The coin and paper are then left and then re-examined at the end of the ghost hunt to see if the coin has moved.  If it has, then this could indicate some strange activity.  Ensure no-one can accidentally move the coin or you will obtain false results.

Digital Recorder

These are very useful and they are quickly becoming the item of choice for obtaining electronic voice phenomenon results.

dowsing rodsDowsing Rods

Some researchers feel that the use of dowsing rods can help to pick up ghosts.

EMF Detector.

These detectors can pick up electronic fields over different frequencies. Disruptions in electronic fields could possibly mean ghosts. Prices range from $24 to $130. Buy EMF detectors at the Ghost Stop store.

EVP devicesEVP Devices.

These detectors pick up sound (electronic voice phenomena). Prices range from $50 to around $300. Buy EVP Devices at the Ghost Stop store.

Extra Batteries

These are essential because ghosts are thought to be electromagnetic and this can cause batteries to run down quite quickly. Extra batteries will be essential for all of the ghost hunting equipment that needs it.


Electromagnetic discharges can affect film and it may need to be replaced. Therefore it is important to ensure that plenty of spare rolls are accessible. Use 200 or 400 possibly 800 speed film, this will provide the best photographs. 

Flash Lights.

Always have bright flash lights (usually 3 or 4) and extra batteries. Buy Flash lights at the Ghost Stop store.

First Aid Kit

It is always useful to have a first aid kit.

Ghost Catcher (AKA Spirit Wind Chime)

These act in the same way as a normal wind chime, but as long as they are strategically placed away from drafts and wind, the theory is that it is a ghost that will make the chime work.

Ghost Hunting KitsGhost Hunting Kits

A quick way to start your paranormal investigations is to buy a complete kit containing all the gear you will need. Buy Ghost Hunting Kits at the Ghost Stop store.

Headset Communications

When operating as a team of three or more people, headset communicators are useful for staying in contact when spread out. Headset communicators, unlike their counterpart the walkie talkie allow the user to have their hands free to use other equipment such as cameras. Prices range from $30 to $80 each. 


This device is useful for picking up any changes in air humidity.

Infrared and Thermal Scanner

These devices accurately pin point cold spots, thus saving on time and infrared film.  Excellent for use in outside investigations. Prices range from $300 to $500. A non essential but useful item. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.


A good microphone is essential for picking up electronic voice phenomena. Buy microphones at the Ghost Stop store.

Mobile Phone

These are useful in case of an emergency they can also be affected by the presence of strange activity.

Motion DetectorsMotion Detectors

These devices are good for sensing movement when there should be none.  One sensor can easily monitor an entire hallway or room.  it is an ideal tool for indoor investigations. Buy microphones at the Ghost Stop store.

Night Vision Equipment

Night Vision scopes can be very useful. Cheap night vision adapters are available that will attach the scopes to video cameras for about $30. However Night Vision Equipment can be expensive. Choose monocular or binocular equipment. Binocular are a good choice because they add the benefit of depth perception. Prices range between $250-$4000. You can get some good scopes in the $300 range that work well on video equipment. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.

Night VisionNight Vision Video Camera

This device is similar to combining a video camera with a night vision scope and allows the recording of light not normally visible to the naked eye.  A good investigative tool. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.


Always keep records of times and events, this is very useful for documenting the investigation and especially if the study is to be replicated.  Pens and pencils are also essential.

Red Cellophane

This is a useful material for covering the lenses of flashlights in order to prevent the light from being too blinding.

Small Windchimes

Some researchers claim that breezes sometimes accompany ghosts. Windchimes should be placed in areas where the ghost is thought   most likely to appear and of course out of the wind or drafts. This is a simple system that can alert investigators to photograph the area.

Spot Lights

These small battery powered spot lights help at night when setting up and taking down cameras and other equipment. They can also be used for safety and to get a better view of the surrounding terrain at night. Some of the most useful ones sit on the ground but have swivels on the lights enabling them to be set to different angles. 

Talcum Powder

This is a useful substance for capturing footprints or handprints. Sprinkle it around on the ground around where the investigation is taking place.

Tape Recorder

A good tape recorder and an external static free microphone should be in use at all times during a ghost hunt. Although nothing may be heard during the investigation there is a phenomenon called EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) whereby spirit voices have been known to appear on tape later after being reviewed. Ensure the use of brand new tapes when recording.

Thermal Imaging Scopes

This device allows you to actually see what your thermal scanner detects.  Should there be a cold spot, this infrared technology makes it possible to see the shape and size of the cold pot.  Unfortunately this is still quite expensive equipment. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.


Rapid drops in temperature has often been associated with the presence of a ghost.  As with the compass the old fashioned mercury filled, red-line thermometer is probably better than its electronic counterpart. A good thermometer can detect changes in room temperature quickly and where electromagnetic forces have been reported, an electronic device might fail or be wrongly affected. Buy at the Ghost Stop store.

Video Camera

This piece of equipment allows events to be captured as they are happening.


These devices allow you to communicate with your ghost hunting party. If you are investigating a house and you have people scattered all over, walkie-talkies allow you to keep in touch.


An essential piece of equipment for recording the time when the events happen.

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