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August 2010: Cold Reading by Ian Rowland

Ian Rowland in his book �The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading� has put together a comprehensive, insightful and easy to read guide to the subject. There is also a section on the Ian Rowland website where the book is endorsed not only by Derren Brown who wrote the following:

�The definitive work, and long overdue. Has many applications to mind magic, and any interactive performance.�

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Purchase Paranormality - The Book?Brief, factual, no-nonsense definitions, February 7, 2004

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA

"Compiled and deftly presented by paranormal expert Karyn Easton, Paranormality!: From Angels To Zombies 4000 BC To 2023 AD is a straightforward timeline and glossary of occult events and terms which ranges from Ancient Anomalies to the Zenner Cards designed to test ESP skills. A handy reference filled with brief, factual, no-nonsense definitions, Paranormality! will prove to be an addition of seminal and enduring value as an addition to any personal, academic, or professional occult studies shelf.

Paranormality, March 4, 2004

Reviewer: David Scanlan from Hampshire, UK

Paranormality is not your usual run of the mill ghost book. It's not a book designed to be read from cover to cover, more delved into when you need to find that unusual paranormal term or word as the book is a glossary of paranormal terminology.

The book is broken down into two easy to read sections. Section one is the Timeline, a fascinating look at various important events of paranormal origin and includes some amazing facts such as St. Colombo witnessing the Loch Ness Monster. Section two is an A-Z of paranormal words but it is written in a way so that it doesn't clash with any other glossary book that I have read. The words chosen in the A-Z don't tend to appear in many other publications so this book is a welcome relief for those irritating words that you cant find anywhere else.

This book is fascinating reading and is a definite must for any serious paranormal researcher who needs a glossary of words that don't appear in other publications.

Well done Karyn, a refreshing new look at an old topic!

A good book, February 23, 2004

Reviewer: Jacob from Australia

Basically this is good book,covers a wide variety of subjects and gives information, but I wish it had been longer. I learned a lot I didn't know from reading it and recommend it for people who are interested in this sort of thing.

PARANORMALITY ETC, February 14, 2004

Reviewer: John Mount from AUSTRALIA

Being a writer I found Karyn Easton's book, Paranormality etc very handy as a quick reference guide. Although not intended to be read from cover to cover, it is chock full of interesting info and while researching under a particular heading one often finds one's eyes straying to other equally interesting subjects. My only criticism is that I wish the book was larger, say telephone book size and cover more equally interesting subjects.


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