Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting : means literally what is says i.e. hunting for ghosts.  Various research groups have been set up to investigate the phenomenon of ghosts; some do it as a hobby and some take the subject much more seriously.  Ghosts are known to frequent certain places more often than others, graveyards seem to be an obvious common starting point. For more information see also ghosts and ghost hunting equipment.

When embarking on a ghost hunt there are a number of points to remember:

*  Ensure that you have obtained any necessary permission before visiting the chosen investigation site.

*  Ensure that you have all of your required equipment and extra batteries.

*  If working as a team ensure that everyone is aware of their role and the equipment they are expected to operate.

*  Designate one individual from the team to be the spokesperson, should there be any encounters with police etc.

*  It may, at this stage be appropriate to ask either collectively or as individuals for a blessing or protection for the duration of the hunt.  At the very least it won't hurt and may even prove useful.

*  Ensure familiarisation with the surroundings that are being investigated. In order to do this walk around the area for at least 20 minutes  

*  Log in the start time and weather conditions and any other relevant information and begin to set up any stationary equipment like cameras on tripods or motion detectors.  Make note of any areas that may produce false readings or false positive pictures.

*  At this point all film should be opened and all tapes and digital media loaded into the video equipment and camera.  Any control objects should be placed carefully in position and if powder is to be used sprinkle it around once everything is set up.

*  Note anything unusual that happens with any of the equipment readings, especially temperature readings, visual sightings and strange sounds.  It is also important to make notes at this stage, of any emotions or feelings that occur that may be odd or not unusual.

Ensure that all members of the group have a change and try all parts of the area under investigation.  Ensure that all of the ground is covered.  This is so that each person stays both fresh and attentive.  Rotate members a number of times throughout the investigation.

Be vigilant and write down everything that occurs.  At the end of the session it is useful to ensure that everyone meets in the same spot. Depending upon members of the group and how they feel, it may be appropriate to ask any spirits to remain put in the name of God and a few prayers said.  


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