Zermatism  :  is a form of pseudoscience which was intended to show  that all languages came originally  from a single ancient language and that all art could be distilled down to a single series of universal symbols.  The theory was conceived by a man called Stanislav Szukalski who was born in Gidle in Poland around 1893 and died in 1987. "According to his theory, differences in races and cultures were due primarily to inter-species breeding between near-perfect ancestral beings and the Yetinsyn (humanoid creatures reputed to live in remote Himalayan valleys which some people call Abominable Snowmen".

Stanislav Szukalski's talent had an incredible talent for art and apparently when he was only six years old, he was sent to the head-teacher for whittling a pencil.  on close examination of this pencil, the headmaster discovered that Stanislav had carved a tiny but near-perfect figure.  The figure had obviously impressed the head-teacher, who subsequently contacted the local newspaper instead of punishing him.

The newspaper duly did an article on the young art prodigy.  Szukalski then went on to the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, where he studied art and won two gold medals. 

After moving to Chicago in 1913 he picked up English from reading National Geographical magazines, and very shortly became hailed as an art genius, along with other Renaissance luminaries such as Ben Hecht, Carl Sandburg and Clarence Darrow.  By the time he reached thirty there was already a major monograph published about his work.

In order to pursue his sculpture he returned to Poland in 1927, but this was prematurely cut short by the Siege of Warsaw in 1939.  Unfortunately much of his early work was lost during the German invasion, but luckily, he managed to escape back to the United States and to California where he went to live with his American wife.

Szukalski died in relative obscurity in 1987 after having spent much of his life relentlessly producing art which was to help prove his hypothesis that all human culture was indeed derived from a single origin on Easter Island after the biblical 'Deluge of Noah'.  In his lifetime he illustrated thirty volumes of text devoted to his pseudoscience which he invented and called Zermatism.  

A year later his ashes, along with those of his wife, were scattered at Rano Raraku, the sculptor's quarry on Easter Island. 

Source: Information for this article obtained from The Dilettante Press.


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