Tarot Birth Cards - The Star and Strength

The Star and Strength together, combined as a pair of Tarot birth cards make for a very fruitful combination. The star is a wish card, it is a card of dreams and of very positive energy. It is not an indicator of massive change but a moving away from negative influences. Combined with Strength the resulting scene is one of positive movement forwards but with the strength, courage and self control that is needed to make things work. These cards are great cards for moving forward, the Star provides the impetus and Strength provides the necessary reserve and resolve.

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The Star

The Star

The Daughter of the Firmament; The Dweller Between the Waters
Card Number: 17
Key Number: 28
Rulership: Aquarius
Hebrew Letter: Tzaddi
Translation: Fish Hook
Numerical Value: 12
Astrological Associations: Gemini

Fresh hope and renewal. Healing of old wounds. Hope. Renewal of faith. Spiritual love. A mental and physical broadening of horizons. Promise and fulfillment. inspiration. Influence over others. Vigour and confidence. Protection. Select a goal and stick to it and follow projects through to completion. A strengthening of character.
Key Words: Faith, look positively to the future, truth hope or faith do not limit yourself, distinguish reality from illusion.

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(La Force)

The Daughter of the Flaming Sword
Card Number: 8
Key Number: 19
Rulership: Leo
Hebrew Letter: Teth
Translation: Serpent
Numerical Value: 12
Astrological Associations: Capricorn

Courage. Self control. The virtue of fortitude. The power of love. Control of passion against one's baser instincts. Determination. Generosity. Strength and power under control. Energy. Optimism. Generosity, resolve and reconciliation.
Key Words: Rising to the challenge, overcoming obstacles, being in charge of one's inner emotions, self control.

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