Tarot Birth Cards - The Hanged Man and The Empress

The Hanged Man and the Empress together, combined as a pair of Tarot birth cards make an interesting combination. When the Hanged Man appears he can herald in a period of necessary reflection. However during any periods of suspension of inability to move forward the Empress brings forth her powers of creativity and stability. Sometimes projects, proposals and even life itself may feel as if it is grinding to a halt and this can be the domain of the hanged man. However gently lifted by the Empress the Hanged man is brought to his rightful position and she weaves her magic to ensure the continuation of both material, emotional and spiritual growth.

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The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man
(Le Pendu)

The Spirit of the Mighty Waters
Card Number: 12
Key Number: 23
Rulership: Water
Hebrew Letter: Mem
Translation: Water
Numerical Value: 3
Astrological Associations: Pisces

A devotion to a worthwhile cause. Temporary suspension of progress. Flexibility of mind and a willingness to adapt to changes. Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future. A waiting period. Rebirth. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another. Transformation. Circumstances literally turned on their head.
Key Words: Surrender to circumstance, suspension, rebirth, transition, sacrifices in the present to reap benefits in the future.

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The Empress

The Empress

The Daughter of the Mighty Ones
Card Number: 3
Key Number: 14
Rulership: Venus
Hebrew Letter: Daleth
Translation: Door
Numerical Value: 9
Astrological Associations: Libra

The promotion of well-being and security. Creativeness in financial affairs, love and parenthood. Maternal care, domestic stability, abundance and material wealth. Fertility, security, achievement of goals and growth. Depending on surrounding cards - sometimes marriage and pregnancy.
Key Words: Well-being, stability, balance, harmony, prosperity.

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