Mad Scientists Comments by Dennis Bell in British Columbia

Mad Scientists comments : Crosse did his research and wrote his paper in 1837, not in "the early 20th century." He was by no means the model for Mary Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein -- her book was published 20 years before Cross conducted his life-creating experiments. But Mary Shelley may well have attended a few of his lectures in England during the years she was writing the book. So in this instance, it's more a case of life imitating art than art imitating life.

He ended up so reviled by the Church of England that his own son (a lay deacon in Broomfield) changed his surname to Hamilton, his mother's maiden name. The son also apparently had an affair with the daughter of Lord Byron and they both lost their shirts in a bizarre gambling scheme. They were attempting to use primitive calculating machines to predict methods of making money on horse races by bending the odds with big bets and small ones. They lost a fortune.

Source: The author of this, piece Dennis Bell came across Andrew Crosse while researching some of his family members from County Down, Ireland who were then living in the area. It also turns out that he's a very distant relation through marriage back in the late 1600s. currently the author is writing a magazine article about him.  Please contact for further information.

Recommended Reading
Haining, Peter, The Monster Trap and Other True Mysteries, Armada London, 1979
Shuker, Karl P.N., The Unexplained, Carlton Books Limited 1996 & 1997



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