Delayed Crisis Apparition

Delayed Crisis Apparition :  are apparitions that are seen hours after death and are put in to the category of "delayed" crisis apparitions

In his book Apparitions the author G.N.M. Tyrell discusses a typical delayed crisis apparition.  It involves a lady called Mrs. Paquet whose brother worked on a tugboat in Chicago's harbour.  She awoke one morning in an unshakable depressive mood.  Having gone into the pantry for some tea she turned around to see her brother Edmund standing a few feet away.

'The apparition stood with back toward me, or partially so, and was in the act of falling forward - away from me - seemingly impelled by two loops or a loop of rope drawing against his legs.  the vision lasted but a moment, disappearing over a low railing or bulwark, but was very distinct.  I dropped the tea, clasped my hands to my face, and exclaimed.  "my god! Ed is drowned."'

Soon after this Mrs. Paquet received the news that her brother had fallen overboard nad drowned, exactly as she had seen it happen, but about six hours before her vision.  See also crisis apparition.

Source: Mysteries of the Afterlife, Frank Smyth & Roy Stemman, Aldus Books London 1975


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