Crystals : are formed in cavities or hollows in the Earth's surface and grow from natural solutions in a fixed pattern that varies in crystal types.  The energy field or aura produced by a person interacts with the pattern the crystal and causes it to respond to human energy.  Crystals are often used in healing.

AGATE Calming and general healer.
AMETHYST General healer, spiritual gem, helps insomnia, nervous or stress conditions.
BLUE LACE AGATE Calming, helps clear mental and emotional conflict.
BLOODSTONE   Helps bone marrow and depression.
CORNELIAN    Women's problems, blood flow, rheumatism, digestive problems, quickens wound healing.
MOSS AGATE  Good for energy, helps memory, general tonic, helps the skin, blood and digestion.
GARNET  General tonic, helps the skin, blood and the digestion.
PYRITE (Fools Gold) Aids the digestion, increases oxygen and circulation.
JASPER    Improves the sense of smell, helps the kidneys, liver and epilepsy.
LAPIS LAZULI For the heart and vascular conditions, tonsillitis, chest.
MALACHITE  For stomach ulcers, asthma, rheumatism.
ONYX      Improves concentration, ears and hearing, nervous tissue.
QUARTZ    Energy giving crystal, good for development, general healer.
ROSE QUARTZ Calms the emotions, aids the imagination, migraine and headaches.
SODALITE    Lowers the blood pressure, cooling effect in fevers and temperatures.
TIGERS EYE Hypochondria, psychosomatic illness, self confidence, eye diseases.
TOPAZ      High blood pressure, insomnia, encourages sleep.
TURQUOISE Great protector, absorbs harmful vibrations, a sacred stone.

Before using any crystal they must be cleaned before use.  Ensure that they are carefully washed in water, then placed in a crystal bowl which contains one teaspoon of sea salt dissolved in one pint of water.

Source:  Information from: The Elfin Magical Diary 1995, Astrological & Psychic Guide - An Elfin Production - PO Box 684, Longridge, Preston. PR3 2LX Copyright � Karyn Easton 2002

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