Communicating with Animals

Communicating with Animals : is a phenomenon that involves communicating with an animal on a much higher level than simply talking to it. The phenomenon involves some level of psychic ability, that may be possessed by everyone.  Nancy Regalmuto a talented psychic and medium claims that she can achieve this deeper level of communication, and with the right attitude, so can others.  The author Art Myers decided that this phenomenon was certainly worth investigating and as a result he wrote a book about Nancy Regalmuto.  His book is called "Communicating with Animals" and it complements the long line of titles that he has produced covering topics about parapsychology and ghosts. 

Speaking about his book "Communicating with Animals" Mr. Myers states:

"I began writing the animals book about Nancy Regalmuto, an extraordinarily talented psychic and medium whom I've known for some time. After a couple of months, however, I realized there were scores of people who could do this.  Then it dawned on me that EVERYBODY can do it.  We are all psychic".

The excerpts below come from the opening chapter of his book and chapter no.7.

From Chapter One

"Can you talk with animals?

I don't mean, can you say, "Sit, Rover," or "Let's play ball" and get an appropriate response from your four-legged friend.   Anyone who has dealt with domesticated animals knows that such communication is possible, that animals can understand some things you say.

But can you hear from them?   Can you go into their minds, can you know what they are thinking and feeling?  Can you carry on a two-way, intelligent conversation with them?

The answer is yes.

From Chapter 7 (Quotes from Nancy Regalmuto, a prominent professional animal communicator)

"You have to open your heart when you work with animals.  You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You have to allow love to be exchanged between yourself and the subject.  It is essential that the heart chakra be opened, because animals have a very highly developed love nature.  And if you're not going to open up that heart chakra to them, to understand them, to love them, to appreciate them, to feel compassion for them, you're not going to be able to reach the energy vibration necessary to connect.

"We can all do it, these are divine rights.  We're all coming from the same creator, the same place.  We're all the same essentially in our makeup, we all have the same abilities, the same rights.  But a lot of people have given up their rights.  They don't even know what their rights are.

"You have a right to be able to communicate with all things that God created.  This is our divine right.  A lot of people think, You can do it, Nancy, because you're gifted.  Well, you're all gifted too, it's just that you don't recognize your gifts.   Those gifts are under all our Christmas trees.  I just opened mine."

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Source: Quotes, inspiration and information for this topic courtesy of Art Myers.  "Communicating with Animals" and other books by this author are published by Contemporary Books, now    McGraw-Hill and can be bought directly from McGraw-Hill or ordered online at Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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Art Myers, Communicating with Animals, McGraw-Hill, 148 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Hightstown, New Jersey ISBN: 0-8092-3149-2

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