Celestine Prophesy

Celestine Prophesy : is a best-selling work of fiction by author James Redfield.  The publication lies on the shelves among self help and spiritual awareness books, and since its publication ten years ago by Bantam, it has continued to stand out as a major work of fiction.

Although a fictitious story its concepts are very believable; indeed the book suggests that some of its ideas were actually inspired by some levels of factual experience. The main theme of the book is the discovery of an ancient Peruvian manuscript which promises to deliver to the reader the true meaning and purpose of life.  This wisdom is delivered in nine separate stages called 'insights', with the ninth insight still to be found.  Along the way the power of coincidence is explored, and the idea that everyone has a hidden message to impart to others and vice versa.  These messages become clearer the more receptive an individual is to the their fellows.  The story builds to involve a multitude of characters all in pursuit of the ninth insight.  These people range form sceptical scientists and sinister clergymen, to shadowy government officials bent on suppressing the manuscript and the revelations contained within.  The book also suggests that rain forests are a good source of spiritual energy which can help boost the power of chance and enlightenment.

The story is intriguing, and the author skillfully takes the reader on a spiritual quest.  As a result the book has been translated into more than 35 languages and sold 10 million copies worldwide.  


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