Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning n : is an unusual phenomenon and exceedingly varied in form.  Typical descriptions include: a spherical shape of any colour and ranging in size from a marble to a football.  Normally the appearance of ball lightening coincides with a thunderstorm. The phenomenon can materialise within confined spaces and buildings and their duration can be anywhere from seconds to minutes.  It is common for the spheres of ball lightning to appear as if the have a 'sense' of direction or 'purposeful' motion rather than simply drifting around.  Humans are rarely reported as being injured by ball lightning although sometimes great damage is caused to surrounding inanimate objects.  Normally the phenomenon vanishes silently or disappears with a loud bang.  

An Ohio scientist called J.F. Corum and team have managed like the Japanese with some success to produce small balls or plasma balls of lightening in the laboratory.  This was achieved by a process of manipulating high voltage radio frequency.  Ball lightning although very different, is often confused with spooklights, but the two phenomenon are not the same.


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