Angels of Mons

Angels of Mons  : allegedly began their existence in a book entitled "The Bowmen".  This was a totally fictional story that was written by Arthur Madchen and it appeared in London's Evening Standard.  The theme of the story was how through some miracle an outnumbered British Expeditionary Force was rescued while retreating to the Belgian town of Mons in the First World War.  the story goes that the troops were rescued from the oncoming German army by a 'heavenly host of Agincourt Bowmen led by St. George, who confronted the Germans and sent them fleeing in terror.'

This story may have remained just that - a story, but soon afterwards newspaper reports were full of reports of British soldiers eager to corroborate the story.  They were stating that the incident actually happened.  The author subsequently attempted to convince the men that it was in fact only a story.

Eventually the reports were dismissed as pure fantasy, although the publicity surrounding the book 'The Bowmen' helped it on it's way to becoming a best seller.  'The Angels of Mons' affair was soon discounted until in 1990 in the booklet 'Bowmen and Angels' Kevin McClure revealed that there was more evidence worthy of investigation.   further examination of the material revealed two distinct camps those stories about Bowmen which could be linked to the story, and those about angels which distinctly precede it.

McClure also discovered reports from French soldiers who claimed that Joan of Arc and St. Michael materialized before them thus aiding their escape from German troops.

Furthermore, both British and French troops spoke of a mysterious figure in white dubbed 'the comrade in white'.  This figure believed to be Jesus was said to be shielding the men from close range bullets and healing the sick.

The conclusion drawn by McClure was that the 'Angels of Mon's' affair was after all a genuine mystery.

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