Ancestral Being

Ancestral Being n : are spirit entities from the early days of the world, according to the Dreamtime or Creation myths of Australia's aboriginal tribes.  Modern science dismisses these ideas as purely the stuff of fantasy but many aboriginals firmly believe in their continued existence.

The Wirajuri aboriginals from the central west of New South Wales believe in a hairy dog-like creature known as the mirri or mirriuula.  it is thought to frequent some of the lonelier regions and rivers.  Once seen these creatures are said to appear quite small but begin to grow before your eyes as you begin to stare.  danger is associated some mirri dogs because they are thought to follow their victims with a view to enticing them into the depths of their river or even killing them.  The Wiradjuri also believe in the yuurri which are hairy little men and women, with sharp teeth and long fingernails, standing approximately (3 feet) tall with the males having long beards.

Some tribes such as the Gumbangirr aboriginals refer to these tiny people as bitarr.  They are said to particularly enjoy playing with children.

The aboriginals of Victoria are familiar with some other types of mysterious pygmy people.  These include the nyols, stone-grey humanoid beings believed to inhabit caverns in deep rocks below the surface of the earth.  Occasionally it is said that they come out to play among the shadows of dusk.

The netnets are beings with long sharp claws living above ground in rocks.  The pot-koorok are described as looking like a small man-frog with great webbed feet, long mobile fingers and a wet pear shaped body.  This creature is said to dwell n rivers and deep pools.

More sinister is Old Red Eye a name given to an insubstantial entity, having only a vaguely human form.  It is said that it can mesmerize it's victims with the glare from it's red eyes as well as causing time to stand still for them.  Should they manage to scream they cannot be heard.  It is said that Old Red Eye can materialize at any time and anywhere.

Yara-ma-yha is said to be a 'merciless vampire' resembling a 'tiny toothless frog-man'.  he lives and jumps down on his victims from trees in order to drain their blood.


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