Alpine Tatzelworm

Alpine Tatzelworm n : is described as being between 60 - 90 cm or 2 - 3 feet in length and having the thickness of a man's arm.  The creature is believed to be an undiscovered species of amphibian or reptile. It is thought to dwell in the Swiss, Bavarian and Austrian Alps of central Europe.

The local people refer to it as the Tatzelworm (clawed worm) or stollenworm (hole dwelling worm).  There have been many differing stories about limb counts.  Some descriptions suggest that the species has only a single, front pair of legs, some say it has two pairs of legs and some say it has no limbs at all.

The general appearance of the Tatzelworm is likened to a worm-like lizard or salamander.  Some zoologists have suggested a link between the American Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum) and the Tatzelworm.  The latter being a species of poisonous lizard.  There may also be a link with the grass snake (Ophisaurus apodus), a large legless lizard from southern Europe.


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