Alphabiotics n : a form of medicine, was originally conceived by Dr. D.V. Chrane in the 1920's.  He began practicing his medicine in Abeline in Texas.  It was his son Dr. Virgil Chrane Jr. who established alphabiotics as "a unique new profession". The theory behind alphabiotics is that "all disease is the result of an imbalance and lack of life energy."  The idea is that good health relies on the correct balance and alignment of "Life Energy".

Although alphabiotics was hailed as a new profession by Dr. Chrane's son the practice of energy balancing has been common throughout China for centuries.  In Chinese the energy is called ch'i and in Indian the energy is called prana.  A metaphysical theory known as vitalism covers this type of medicine which has been dead in the West for over a century.

As well as a source of life this energy medicine is also believed to be a source of health and of a metaphysical nature.  It is believed that faith is important in the healing process and as such only spiritual healers using spiritual methods can "harmonize" the energy.


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