Reaching Out to the Unheard Voices

For thousands, perhaps millions of years, we have tried to decipher our dreams and bridge the gap between seemingly different worlds. Often, we are unable to comprehend the realms which our subconscious ventures into, though we have created a culture of symbolism which has enabled us to interpret our dreams. But sometimes, we are thrown into worlds which seem completely inaccessible, elusive, and even traumatic, undergoing experiences which can take years to come to terms with. These experiences transport individuals to other planes of thought, dimensions of time, and other universes entirely. In some journeys, these are enlightening and breathtaking, but others can be damaging on a psychological, not to mention spiritual, level. Very little is known about paranormal experiences collectively, partly because of the social stigma which surrounds the topic and reluctance to discuss the issue comprehensively on a grand scale. But in reality, it is an issue which needs to be strongly addressed for the sake of those who have suffered through it, as well as those who have had positive journeys.

Disillusionment and Despair

Paranormal experiences take place on a regular basis, but they are rarely discussed openly. In recent years, the internet has helped to open up an entire new realm of thought which is more accepting and inclusive, providing support for people who have had traumatic paranormal experiences of a wide range as well as sharing important information and research. The open web is one of the great assets that people have in order to find the right community, and hopefully, it will remain this way. People find the online setting a more welcoming environment, where they can be anonymous but still feel part of a community without being judged. This can be an easier outlet than appealing to immediate family members and friends who might have difficulty taking in such experiences, particularly if it conflicts with their respective belief systems.

The fear of rejection and even ostracizing can be detrimental, and like many people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other similar anxieties, the tendency is to withdraw into oneself and try and deal with the problem alone. There is nothing at fault in making a resolve on the part of the individual to work through a situation, but a person may need professional help and definitely some support to pull through effectively. Because of the nature of traumatic paranormal events, PTSD and paranormal activity often go hand in hand, state several experts. These can result from what is considered 'normal' incidents like accidents, violence, and harassment which may subsequently induce hallucinations or paranormal capabilities within the victim like telepathy, as well as triggered by direct paranormal experiences such as abduction and other events.

Finding Support

Particularly for people who are new to paranormal experiences, this can be exceptionally disruptive on a wide scale and interfere with everyday life. It is important to be able to provide the right kind of support for these instances ? and work towards stopping them from reoccurring if possible. This can take a considerable amount of time, even years, for many people, who undergo a deeply personal, spiritual journey to overcome these. Ultimately, those who are close to the individual will eventually become involved as well, as they are needed to provide additional support as well as gain an understanding of what is going on.

Just as importantly, it is important to change the dialogue which surrounds this topic. Mainstream media and common perception has done much to thwart paranormal experiences with mockumentaries like The Fourth Kind and The Blair Witch Project, and therefore mainstream understanding consists of a sensationalistic fervor. But the paranormal world is much more complex and in depth, and requires a deeper kind of understanding of the issue. It is not appropriate to ostracize those who have experienced paranormal phenomena, regardless of how this may or may not fit into a particular belief system, but acknowledge the issue and lend support as much as possible. As traumatic experiences like alien abductions continue to not only continue to occur but increase in numbers, it is essential to adopt a more open-minded attitude and start relating to some of the incidents which are occurring in the modern world.

Most importantly, it is important to acknowledge that while many paranormal experiences can be enlightening and fulfilling, they can also be dangerous, and those who are unable to recover from them should not be shut out from the rest of society, but helped with compassion.

Post written by Anne Fairhurst


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