Who are Lightworkers?

We all know that one person who makes every situation seem easier, who lights up a room just by being in it and who seems to have an almost superhuman wish to help others and make things better...and once you know the belief behind lightworkers you may just start to look at that person a little bit differently.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of psychics, clairvoyants and other groups with spiritual abilities, but far less is known about lightworkers and the work they carry out. Right now there are lightworkers working towards their shared goal all over the world yet most of us know very little about these special beings and their very important purpose.

Let's start at the beginning of a lightworker's life...it's believed that lightworkers choose to be born and live on Earth because they have the skills needed to guide the planet away from fear. They're born to complete the sacred purpose of improving the world and assisting all of us who live in it, and they tend to have healing and mystical powers.

Now this is where things get tricky. Because lightworkers are born as we all are and live ordinary lives, it's quite common for them to become immersed in day to day life and lose sight of their original purpose - sometimes even forgetting they're different from the rest of us. They may start to experience vague memories that hint at their other realm, to notice spiritual and healing powers or to feel a constant need to help others and shy away from material things and concerns. One way or another, a lost lightworker will start to experience a calling from within that will nudge them into pursuing their sacred goal.

Mystical powers such as the ability to heal may lie dormant for years before a lightworker remembers their role in the world, but it's believed that they come straight from a higher power and once discovered will need no practicing or polishing because they're innate. It may take time for them to accept their higher knowledge and start putting it into practice, but lightworkers have the ability to heal anything they put their minds to - it's just a question of knowing that they have the power to do it and making the conscious effort.

The job of fixing the world with the powers of thought may seem adventurous to say the least, but the concept of lightworkers works on the idea that anything can be changed, improved and averted with the help of healing thoughts and prayers because we are part of a universal oneness. Lightworkers believe in the existence of one spirit and one universal mind of which every one of us is a small part. Anything from the health of one person to a long-predicted world disaster can be changed if the world's lightworkers focus on sending positive, strong thoughts in its direction at the right time.

A big part of a lightworker's job is to keep an eye on their own thoughts, ensuring that they remain calm, kind and focused. Lightworkers are chosen for their earthly roles because they proved they had the skills and powers needed before they even volunteered, so once they acknowledge that their mission and surrender to the plan of the Creator they never fail. Lightworkers believe they are here to inspire change and to guide us, and they each deliver a piece of Heaven to the world whenever they can.


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