Angel Magic

Angel Magic : Since man has held a belief in angels he has also tried to harness their help and power for his own ends.  There are generally two ways in which believers try to do this and these methods are called evocation or invocations.

Evocations are special spells that use a variety of different tools to invoke a physical appearance or manifestation of an angel.  Some of these tools might include: incense, candles, books, knives and circles drawn upon the floor. However the component(s) may vary according to the type of spell being used.  Incense is one of the more frequently used tools as there is a belief that the ethereal smoke is required as a substance in which the angel may make itself seen.

Invocations are very similar to evocations, however there is one main difference; i.e., the person trying to summon the angel tries to persuade it to enter their body as opposed to physically appearing.  This is so they can communicate.  Although far more dangerous it is considered an easier thing to do. 

There are a few major flaws with the idea of angel magic namely:

1).  Those faiths that hold a belief in angels, mainly Judaism and Christianity, also preach that using magic is a sin.

2).  Angels generally come and go as they wish or they engage themselves in God's bidding and not that of man.  Even the most lowly of angels is more powerful than man so why one might be compelled to do something by a man is unclear.

3).  If it was possible to have the power to bind an angel then wouldn't that same person have the power to achieve his goals himself.

4).  God would probably bring down his full wrath on any mortal foolhardy enough to try to use one of his angels. It is also doubtful anyway that God would employ angels that were so incompetent that they would allow themselves to be used by man.

Perhaps a nicer way to acquire the help of angels is through the popular New Age idea of angel meditation.  This is where an individual tries to clear his mind and soul in the hope that an angel(s) will serve to guide him.  Apparently this has given rise to ideas such as angelic tarot style cards.

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